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Common Landlord Faux Pas – Part 1: Accidental Discrimination

Posted on Friday May 26, 2017

As the summer season is starting to heat up and we are approaching our busiest season, I thought it might be helpful for landlord to hear some of the most common faux pas we see in rental listings that not only limit the potential tenant market but can actually result...
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Disasters: Preparing for the Worst

Posted on Friday May 19, 2017

Disasters happen. There’s really no stopping them and their impact on us and the ones we love. We here at Rent Hello have clients, friends, and family from all different climates, regions, and environments. There is always a chance for someone we know to be affected by...
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Allergy-Proofing Your Home

Posted on Friday May 12, 2017

Allergies are a nightmare. Your face is itchy, your nose feels like it is going to be plugged forever, your garbage can is full of used tissues, and you feel like if you sneeze again, you might just rupture something. With spring in full swing and pollen flying in every...
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Rent Hello, (formerly the My Ideal Home Rental Network) was founded in 1998, making us the first and oldest Internet Listing Service (ILS) in Canada and the first online off-campus student housing solution in the United States.

Since inception, we have innovated and pioneered many of the useful home search methods used today, enabling both landlords & tenants a better way to rent property. We have always had our own full-time development & live customer service team to ensure we stay on top in providing responsive service and product development. We also have always provided the landlords first listing with us free of charge so that they may see the value before the ever have to pay our low $24.95 to post their vacancy.

In 2015, we created the Rent Hello Rental Network, our new brand-umbrella to showcase all our over 250 website portals under one roof. With our new brand and new logo, we want to build upon our network and brand we overhauled our brand to provide users with a more user and mobile friendly interface. Rent Hello offers all the same software of previous versions of the site but with a facelift and dramatically updated software. We have decisively modernized the way tenants search for rental homes by offering a simple yet intuitive search method that focuses on search proximity.

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